Your Golf Score

Here's a little background: you want a low golf score, if you golf score goes down, that's a good thing. I thought this was common knowledge, but apparently it's not common Rick Pease knowledge.

(Some men are talking in the break room of their building of employment. They all seem similar to each other and seem like they would get along. A guy walks quickly into the room, he seems like he doesn't fit in with the other people and that he might not get along with them. We'll call him Excited Guy, since he seems hyper/excited/on coke and everyone else is relatively calm/boring/plain/simple/old - middle-aged.)

Crazy Guy: "Hey, uh, did you guys hear about the WEATHER!?!"

Normal Guy #1: "What are you talking about?"

Crazy Guy: (turns to another guy) "Are you guys talking about golf?!? What's up dude, how are the greens today!"

Normal Guy #2: "Yeah, what's up?"

Crazy Guy: "Not your golf score, bitch!"

Normal Guy #2: "Ahaha, that's right, FAGGOT!"

Everyone but Crazy Guy: (laughing at Crazy Guy) "AHAHA!"

(Everyone laughs at Crazy Guy like he's the biggest loser ever. Crazy Guy looks like he's going to cry, the camera zooms in on the workers and scans everyone's faces as they laugh loudly at Crazy Guy. The shot fades out.)