"We Know What You Were Doing"

(There is a party going on at a house. Three men and one woman are talking.)

Male #1
"If youuuuuuu'll excuse me, I hafta go to el bathroom."

(light laughter)

(The male returns about ten minutes later.)

Male #2
"How'd it go?"

Male #1
"What? How'd what go?"

Male #3
"Oh, come on...we know what you were doing."

Male #1
"Well, it was fine...you know, sometimes ya just gotta release some sperm...looking at this bitch right here got me so fucking horny...I just had to go blow a load."

(The group is surprised/shocked and disgusted, as they thought he was just going #2, if you will. It would be kind of weird to rub one out at a party, you know.)

Male #1
(He is now getting excited and starts talking louder.)
"Yeah, maybe if she gets drunk enough, I can take her in that room over there, and then I'll be blowing a load on her face instead of on a toilet seat."