A man is sitting at his cubicle/desk, working. He is looking down at his papers. He staples a small stack of papers. All of a sudden, he looks up. He has an inquisitive look on his face. He stands up, puts his finger to his mouth to indicate 'shhh', looks around, and listens. The inquisitive look quickly changes into a concerned look. He knocks everything off of his desk, papers, office supplies, and computer monitor, in one violent swoop. He grabs his car keys and runs through the office. There is a shot of the office building from far away. The doors swing open, and the man runs out. He jumps in his car and squeals out of the parking lot. Driving dangerously for about two miles, the man stops in a parking lot, sloppily parking his car across two spots. He leaves the door open and bolts into the woods/forest. There are several close up shots, for dramatic effect, of the man sprinting through the woods. Then, the camera switches to a far away shot. The camera is on top of a hill and across is the man on another hill. The camera zooms across the clearing towards this man, and as you begin to see his face clearly, he yells out "TRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN NN!!!!!!!!!!!!" The camera zooms back out. The man runs down a hill and arrives at the railroad tracks. He is obviously focusing very intently on this apparent oncoming train. He stops and gets down on his knees. The camera switches shots and you see him from ahead putting his ear down to the metal. He then has a surprised look on his face, and starts running like the wind, down the railroad tracks. He races off into the sunset, and the camera fades out.