"super bowl"
or "The Big Game"

This skit is based on those companies that aren't affiliated with NFL, so they have to be like "buy our food for the big game" since they'd have to pay money to say "buy our food for the fucking Super Bowl". Seriously, nobody has a Big Game party, they have Super Bowl parties. So the skit is a commercial for a company that is not affiliated with NFL, so the company can't say Super Bowl since it's trademarked or whatever, but they still want to reach the Super Bowl-watching demographic.

(Some meat are at a house, and by meat I mean football-watching males. That's not too insulting, I could've called them mindless meat, or Paul Garon. Oh, God, inside joke in a script, I suck. Anywho, it's Super Bowl Sunday.)

Male #1: "So, man, you ready to watch THE BIG GAME? Unh? Eh? Yeah? What?"

Male #2: "What? Yeah, it's going to kick ass, the Steelers are going to dominate the Super Bo--"

Male #1: "Hey, now, watch what the fuck you're saying!"

Male #2: "What, man? Clearly the Steelers are going to fucking win, you said it yourself! You bet one hundred dollars the Steelers are going to win Super B--"

Male #1: "Stop talking now."

Male #2: "What, man, you embarrassed? Or you think you're gonna get in trouble for sports betting?"

Male #1: "Never mind. Let's get back to the subject, which is Tostitos brand tortilla chips. They're perfect for a big game, right man?" (close-up as male #1 winks)

Male #2: (shakes head) "I don't know what the fuck you're talking about bro."

Male #1: "Say I had a big bowl, a super bowl, if you will." (pulls out a large bowl) "If I were to watch this super bowl for whatever reason, what would I want to eat in this super bowl?"

Male #2: "Why would you watch a bowl, dude?"

Male #1: "Tostitos Scoops! Exactly. Now you're catching on. Tostitos Scoops are perfect for super bowls, even forty super bowls, or as I like to call them, super bowl forty."

Male #1: "I'm going back by everyone else."

Male #2: "Okay, but remember, if you were to watch a super bowl, maybe even with friends or family, or the ol' wife, you would for fucking sure want Tostios to be a part of that super bowl watching."