Student Abuse

TEACHER: "If any of you have any questions or problems, just raise your hand and I'll come to your desk. No talking please. Work alone. I got shit to do. Grades are due today."

(The teacher sits down and immediately starts working on something. He becomes immersed in his work.)

(A student is working on the schoolwork. He appears to be frustrated, working hard but not succeeding. The student finally gives up on the problem. He drops his pencil and raises his hand.)

(The teacher doesn't look up to scan for raised hands.)

(The student raises his hand higher, becomes uncomfortable and loses confidence, and lowers his hand.)

(Students around him begin to notice, and look at him.)

(The teacher looks up and sees everyone looking around. He stands up quickly, knocking over the chair he was just sitting on.)

TEACHER: "Eyes on your own paper. Do I have to beat you guys again. . . with my belt?"


TEACHER: "No talking! Apparently you guys don't get rhetorical questions. I do have to whip you guys again. . . don't I?"

(No one speaks up.)

TEACHER: "Why don't you guys answer me? I'm asking you a question."

(The teacher goes to his desk, puts his elbows on the desk and his face in his hands, and starts crying. A minute later, he snaps up again, grabs the long pointing stick thingy, and walks around the classroom, intimidating the learning population by hitting his hand hard with the long pointing stick thingy.)