The announcers for a professional basketball game (NBA) don't know anything about basketball, so they just talk about how awesome sports are.

#1: "Was that by Shaq? Which one's Shaq? I can't tell which one Shaq is..."

#2: "Me neither, Jack, but what I can tell you is that this game, not this game in particular, but basketball in general, is awesome!"

#1: "I'll do you one better. Sports, just all sports, are sweet. They're so athletic"

#2: "I would agree with that. I have no problem with that statement."

#1: "Yeah, I mean just look at like, how fast they throw the ball - and right to their teammate, no less."

#2: "And they're running the whole time, almost. That takes energy."

#1: "Sometimes they'll throw the ball into the hoop...from like far away. That takes aim - or luck. Both pretty cool skills."

#2: "Yes, these guys must practice their luck all the time."

#1: "Practice makes perfect."

#2: "True. Correct."