Seinfeld Theme

Two guys are watching Seinfeld.

#1: "The Seinfeld theme song...what can I say - the most wonderful musical masterpiece - EVER."

#2: (laughs)

#1: "What? I'm not kidding. You think I'm being funny right now? I've never been funny in my life...I'm not gonna start now."

#2: "It's just a theme's not that great."

#1: (shocked) "Not...that...great?!?" (you can see the fury in his eyes and feel his heartbreak)

#2: Wakes up the next morning. Opens up the toilet to take morning pee. When he lifts up the lid, the Seinfeld theme starts playing. He drops the lid in surprise. The music stops playing.

Every time he opens up something (fridge door, microwave, every drawer, car door, glove compartment, trunk, gas lid, shower door, soda bottle, etc.), the Seinfeld theme starts playing and stops when he closes it. #1 has rigged the whole house.

Show #2 for a few seconds in each scenario with the Seinfeld theme.


#2: Arrives home to see every possible drawer, compartment, and thing open with hundreds of Seinfeld themes playing over/with each other, not all on the same part of the song.

#2: "I can't take it anymore!"

#1: (slowly appears in the room) "Well, well, well, I can't do anything about it until you come to your senses. Admit that the Seinfeld theme song is an orgasmic symphony composed by immortal Gods blessed with the most impeccable music talents in the universe."

#2: "Fine, I do."

#1: "Do what?"

#1: Opens up a suitcase with that oath inside. #2 repeats the oath ("The Seinfeld theme song is an orgasmic symphony...") after #1, all the while the hundreds of overlapping, loud Seinfeld theme songs are playing.