Saving Paul Garon

(Paul Garon and his girlfriend are sitting in a Ford Truck vehicle. They seem to be having a discussion or altercation about a certain something special.)

Paul Garon: "Would it be alright if i just went with them for like an hour or something and then we could just meet up after that, or something?"

Paul Garon's girlfriend: "I knew they would convince you, have no will power. Why don't you just tell them to fuck off and come with me, you're with them every night. (Trails off) Not that you care."

Paul Garon (frustrated): "Well, I really don't know what to do. I'm sorry about this I really am. I never meant for you to feel like this"

Paul Garon's girlfriend: "I don't care what you do anymore."

(Paul Garon's two friends show up at the rendezvous point)

Friend #1: "Hey, Paul Garon! How ya doin' buddy? eh? Wanna smoke some cigarettes?"

Paul Garon: "No, man, I'm good right now. hey ah what are the plans the--"

(Friend #1 Finds a lawn chair, climbs on top of Paul's vehicle and sits down.)

(Friend #2 blows smoke in Paul Garon's face relentlessly. In an effort by Paul Garon to shoo the smoke lingering from the cigarette, he burns his finger on the cherry)

"Ouch! you asshole!"

Friend #1: (On top of the car) "HEY YA GOT A LIGHTER?" (Pause) (whispers) "We're saving you!"

Paul Garon: "What are you talking about, and get off the top of my car man, thats disrespectful. My fingers hurt!"

Friend #2: "Oh trust me, you'd rather have burned fingers than inhale second-hand smoke."

Paul Garon's girlfriend: "They're assholes! I'm leaving...Paul, call me!"

Friend #2: "Man, what is her deal? Does she have a problem with us or something?"

Paul Garon: (Rubs face) "I--I don't know man--it's just..."

Friend #1: "You're such a pussy man, I mean, you have no will power."