(A guy is sitting at the computer, naked. His brother walks in. Naked Guy doesn't lose his cool, however.)

Brother: (as he's walking in) "What the fuck, dude! That's my computer, too! God, I'm never sitting in that chair again!"

(Naked Guy doesn't turn around or say anything. He's dead. Just kidding. He just laughs, slightly amused. Well, I guess he does say one thing.)

Naked Guy: "Ha. Yeah, dude."

Brother: "What, you don't have anything to say or do?" (besides that one thing you just said) "Get some clothes on, dude!"

Naked Guy: "Can't."

(At this point, Brother reaches the computer. He never looks down at his brother's penis, though. That would be icky, sick, yucky, and disgusting. And ewwww. Anyways, he looks at the computer screen [and not his bro's genitalia].)

Brother: "Dude!..This is beastiality porn! What the FUCK! I'm telling mom!"

(They don't even have a mom. Just kidding, they probably do. Yeah, they do. I can change whether they have a mom or not just by typing words. Haha.)

Naked Guy: (calmly) "No, wait, dude, it's research. It's for school." (sneezes)

Brother: (skeptical) "You have to research animal-human porn for school. Yeah right!" (sneezes)

Naked Guy: "God fucking bless you. No, for REEEEEEEEEAL!" (stands up erect) "Here, dude, look." (hands his brother an uncrumpled, crumply, Post-It note written in Sharpie.)

It says:

2 Do

1. look @ aminal poorn

2. chiled poren? (if time and stamina)

Brother: "Oh, sorry. I didn't realize it was for school." (walks out and does his brother-ish things, you know, goes on with his brotherly life)

END or is it. yeah.