Random Acts of Blindness

(Male sitting at kitchen table. Other male enters shot carrying a bowl of hot soup.)

Male #1
(passively and quietly) Uh...I made you some soup...

Male #2
(Looks at soup, disgusted look on face. All of a sudden, he snaps.)
I don't want any of your fuckin' soup! I just fucking ate!

Male #1
(Walks away calmly, like nothing happened.)

Male #2
Jesus fucking Christ! Fine! I'll eat your fucking soup! Although I'm probably gonna throw up! But whatever...it's all about you, right! Fucking asshole! (Convulses)
(Starts eating soup. As he's eating, he starts yelling to the offscreen Male #1)
I'm eating your soup, are you fucking happy now?!?!
(Soup falling out of mouth as he's yelling.)
Are you fucking happy now, huh? Huh, you fucking asshole!!!

(Camera zooms in on shirt: "There are only 10 kinds of people in this world: Those who understand binary and those who don't.")