(Two men in white lab coats are looking through paperwork. One seems discouraged or stressed.)

Doctor #1: "I just don't know about this,'s getting to be pretty late here." (Sighs, shakes head.)

Dr. Shawn: "Doc, you're the best in the business...we can do this." (Confident.)

Doctor #1: "I'm not so sure."

Dr. Shawn: "You are the best at your job...talent, commitment, knowledge, integrity. The best and most feared on this side of the Mississippi."

Doctor #1: "Yeah, you're right." (Sraightens paper, tightens tie.)

Dr. Shawn: "Hands in..1, 2, 3!"

Both: "TEAM!"

(They jump up and bump chests twice.)

Doctor #1: "Let's do this."

Dr. Shawn: "That's the energetic doc we all know and love!"

(The camera zooms in on the papers...they are late-term abortion papers.)