Passed Down From Generation To Generation

It is a beautiful, warm sunny day and a man is playing catch with his son. They are having a great time laughing and talking of memories past.

Robert Chaney: Hey son, I don't know about you but I'm pretty thirsty after playing in his hot, humid weather.

Son: Oh, c'mon, let's keep going dad!

Robert Chaney: (laughs to himself) I remember when I was young and it seemed like I could never get tired... my the years have passed, I remember one time when I was playing with my father and--

Son: Oh, not another dumb story about grandpa again!

Robert Chaney: (laughs again) you have a lot to learn my son! Grandpa was actually very wise and he cared and loved you a great deal.

Son: (eyes roll with boredom/disgust)

Robert Chaney: Come inside son, I have to show you something that your grandfather showed me, and his father showed him. I think it's about time in your life where I finally show you.

Son: Ohh, alriggght.

Chaney and the reluctant son enter the house to the loving presence of Chaney's wife, Amanda Englebert.

Amanda: Oh, you boys must be so tired! Here, let me get you each a cold glass of lemonade.

(She retreats and fetches them a glass. Chaney wipes the sweat from his brow gently and speaks.)

Chaney: Come son, its in the attic (can be replaced by wherever possible).

They follow into a room with a chest. Chaney takes a moment and looks and the chest and takes a deep breath.

Chaney: Now son, it's your time to follow the tradition.

(A voice is heard from a short distance)

Amanda: I have your lemonade! Where did you guys go?

(A tone of which we've never heard before erupts from Chaney's mouth.)

Chaney: Shut up woman! We're busy!

(There is no response as Chaney pauses and continues his original idea to his son.)

Chaney: Like I was saying, this is a very special moment for me. And I'm very proud to see you've become mature enough to handle this.

Boy: Wh-What is it?

Chaney: Well, why don't you open the chest and find out for yourself son?

Boy: Okay.

(The suddenly intrigued boy scoots the chest by him and takes a moment to examine the chest before opening it. The camera shoots to Robert Chaney's face, with a solid grim look of anxiousness. The boy takes a breath, opens the chest, and suddenly out comes a short framed man who growls and looks at the boy in anger. The boy jumps back in fear. The short man lunges toward the boy and bites him in the neck and tugs while the boy screams in agony. He arises with a sadistic smile on his face while Robert Chaney laughs heartily. Amanda soon comes into the room with two glasses of lemonade in her hands. She sips on one of them and then joins in on the evil laughter.)