"Once You Go Black..."

A male and a female who were a couple for a very long time are having a tearful goodbye, either in a bedroom, at a bus station, or at an airport.
Male: "Now you're going off to college...and you're probably gonna meet a bunch of guys that you like better than me."

Female: "No, I won't. I love you and I always will, no one will come close."

Male: "Yes, you will. You'll meet a ton of sexy guys, a ton of black, sexy men."

Female: "No, I won't."

Male: "Yes you will! Yes you will. You'll be surrounded by black cocks, literally."

Female: "What?!?

Male: "Yeah. You're gonna fuck a ton of black guys with their fucking big, long, hard, erect black cocks."

Female: "Why are you saying this?!? You've never acted like this before!" (She has held back tears, until now.)

Male: "Haven't you ever heard the phrase 'once you go black, you never go back'? It's true, it's so fucking true!" (He begins crying as well.)

Female: "Yes I've heard it, what does that have to do with me going away?"

Male: "You'll get one taste of black cock, and then before you know it, you'll have fucked the whole black community at jour fucking college! And all the whiteys too, all the fucking honkey crackers! You'll fuck them all too!"

Female: "I'm not like that."

Male: "Yes, you are...you will be, at least. And you know where that'll lead you? Right into STD Land. Which is worse than Disney Land...or Disney World, combined. Here's some statistics for you. You know how many black guys have HIV? A ton of them. And that's up from last year. Last year it was just 'a lot'. This year, it's a ton. And you're gonna get a lot of black cock dressed like that."

(The camera zooms out to show her moderate outfit.)

Female: "What are you talking about?!?"

Male: "Here's another statistic for ya. Do you know how many HIV-infected black guyz are looking to infect innocent white girls like you? Every one of them. Every single one. One-hundred-percent."

Female: "You are being an asshole!"

Male: "No, but your asshole is going to be sore from all the fucking you do at school. It's going be more of a fuck fest for you than a learning experience. You're gonna 'go black', and then you're never gonna 'go back' to me."

Female: "Yes I will."

Male: "You promise, sweetie?"

Female: "Yes."

Male: "Okay. Bye. I love you."

Female: "I love you too."

They part ways.