Like Shooting People in a Basement

(Man walks up to the counter at a gun store.)

Man behind counter: Hello, sir. Can I help you?

Customer: Yeah, I'm looking to buy a gun.

Man behind counter: Any specific kind of gun you're looking for?

Customer: Umm...which gun would be the best for shooting someone in the fucking face?

Man behind counter: What?!

Customer: Deer. Which would be the best for shooting a deer?

Man behind counter: Uhhhh....well, I'm not really sure.

Customer: Can I take a look at that machine gun?

Man behind counter: The machine gun? Why do you need a machine gun if you're going to shoot a deer?

Customer (suspiciously): Um, well, you see, I kind of have a deer infestation problem.

Man behind counter: A deer infestation problem? Where?

Customer: In my basement. That's where all the people are tied up.

Man behind counter: People?

Customer: Deer. That's where all the deer are tied up and blindfolded.

Man behind counter: You have deer in your basement, and they're tied up and blindfolded?

Customer (rolls eyes): Yeah, that's what I said.

Man behind counter: Oh. Well could I reccomend this rifle instead? It's a very good gun, and very good for hunting. Hunting with this gun will make deer hunting so easy; it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Customer: You mean like shooting people in a basement.

Man behind counter: What's that?

Customer: Deer in a basement.

Man behind counter: Sir, I'm beginning to think that you don't need a gun for killing deer; I think you need it for killing people.

Customer: You're incorrect.

Man behind counter: Is that so?

Customer: Yes.

Man behind counter (apologetically): Oh, I'm very sorry sir. I'm sorry to have questioned your motives. Here you go.

(Hands the man the gun, the fellow pays for the gun.)

Customer (as he's walking out): I'm gonna kill me some sorority girls...

Man behind counter: What's that?

Customer: Sorority girls. Kill me some sorority girls.