Juvi Rapes

(Some Kids From Juvenile Hall Talking to the Camera)

"You know, I've been in the joint for four days, I'm gettin' kind of lonely...won't see the outside world for six more days...nothin' but dudes in here...you do the math."

"I was cornered on my way to brunch by 'Li'l Black'. He said he's been checking me out ever since I arrived...two hours ago. I said I wasn't gay. He said just wait a couple days and you will be. He said the gay will bloom in me like a thousand flowers on the first day of Spring. Then he raped me."

"You don't know what it's like, man, going minute after minute without having sex. I cracked after forty minutes and raped someone. I think that's a world record - for longest without raping someone."

(Guard) "All these hot, young, fresh, bad boys in one small area...it's enough to make anyone rapey..." (zoom in, his eyes are darting around) "...Anyone."