The Joke

(Two guys are in the breakroom of an office. They faintly know each other. Don't worry, there are females at the office, too, and they make $1.00 for every dollar the men make for the same jobs.)

(Male Worker #1 has just eaten a Laffy Taffy and reads the silly/wacky jokes on the wrapper. He gets the totally original and awesome idea to tell the joke to someone else, this time his co-worker.)

Male Worker #1: "What falls down but never gets hurt?"

Male Worker #2: "I don't know, dude, I don't know." (eating and reading a newspaper) "Nothing. It's impossible."

Male Worker #1: "Nope! Snow!"

(Male Worker #2 gives one of those polite laughs someone gives when they don't get a joke, but don't want to kill the joke-teller's self-esteem or make them feel stupid. Male Worker #1 doesn't notice that Male Worker #2 doesn't get it, he just thinks Male Worker #2 was giving one of them 'that's lame' laughs.)

(Male Worker #1 and Male Worker #2 continue with their day as usual, not speaking to each other again during the day.)

(Male Worker #2 is at his house, taking a bath. He has a gun pointed to his head. He is about to pull the trigger when his face lights up with joy and excitement. He can hardly contain himself.)

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Snow! Snow falls down but never gets totally makes sense! It is possible! IT IS POSSIBLE!"

(Male Worker #2 sets his gun down. He gets out of the bathtub, dries off, and gets dressed in a hurry. He grabs his keys and gets in his car and drives to another house. It is nighttime outside.)

(He arrives at the house, parking in the driveway sloppily. He gets out, leaving the car running. He tries to open the front door, but it is locked. He goes in the house through a side window.)

(Once inside the house, he walks quickly, glancing inside rooms. He gets to a room at the end of the hallway and turns the lights on.)

"Oh my god dude! Snow! Snow falls down! It never gets hurt! You're so funny dude! I get it! I get it now!"

(Inside the room are Male Worker #1 and his wife. For all we know she could be a prostitute. But that's highly unlikely. Needless to say, Male Worker #1 and his wife/possible-prostitute-but-probably-not are freaked out, scared, frightened, shocked, etc.)

Male Worker #1: "What the hell is going on? Is that you, Stan?" (puts on glasses)

(Male Worker #2 runs to the bed, gets under the covers, takes Male Worker #1's glasses off and stares him straight in the eyes.)

Male Worker #2: "You...are...the...funniest...person...alive! I love you! Dude I know it sounds kinda gay but I love you! Snow! Get it! Snow falls down but never gets hurt! Like it doesn't fall down literally! It 'falls' from the sky! But really it floats! But people say it falls slash falls down! Plus snow can't hurt! It doesn't have feelings! Even if it really fell, it wouldn't get hurt! I love you dude! Haha! I love you!!!"

Male Worker #1: "What the hell are you talking about?"

Male Worker #2: "Don't you remember?!?" (squeaky voice) "You don't even know your own funniness, I guess." (gets out of the bed, rips the covers off, and jumps back on the bed) "Dude, that joke you told me today...solid gold! Remember! In the lunch room! It was magic!"

Male Worker #1: "Dude, how do you know where I live, how did you get in, why did you come in without knocking, why did you turn the lights on in here, why did you get in bed with us, why did you pull the covers off, and why the hell would you do all that because of a joke?!?"

Male Worker #2: "You don't understand!" (He sits on top of Male Worker #1, turns him on his side, and punches him in the side of the head.) "You don't understand! You're hilarious but you don't realize it! I almost didn't realize it! But thank god I did!"

Male Worker #1's Wife/Possible-Prostitute-But-Most-Likely-Not: "Who is this, Morgan?"

Male Worker #2: "THIS IS BETWEEN ME AND MORGAN! AHHH!!!" (throws Male Worker #1's Wife/Possible-Prostitue-But-Chances-Are-Not off the bed onto the floor) "You should bow down to this man's comedic talent! He's gonna be famous someday! He's gonna be famous!"

Male Worker #1: "Stanley, get out of my house! We'll talk at work tomorrow."

(Male Worker #2 jumps back over to Male Worker #1, sits on top of him, holds his shoulders down, and looks at him straight in the eyes.)

Male Worker #2: "We'll talk about it...NOW! I'll start! You are the funniest guy the world has ever seen! I love you! You're super funny! I can't believe I didn't realize it until today...well tonight actually...but same dif! Lol!"