Job Interview!
by Samuel Costello

Two men are sitting next to each other waiting to be interviewed for a job. Both are trying to look busy by checking their watches and shuffling papers.

Dude 1 - "So....interviewing for the job?"
Dude #b - "Yup..."

More watch checking and papershuffling ensues.

Dude 1 - "So ... do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"
Dude #b - "No! I am not a fag you homo!"
Dude 1 - "No, no, no, not like that at all."
Dude #b - "Well in that case I suppose."
Dude 1 - "Do you um .... smoke marijuana?"
Dude #b - "Did you say ... marijuana?"
Dude 1 - "Um...yea but I mean medical marijuana ... for medicine."
Dude #b - "Well in that case ... Yes!"
Dude 1 - "Would you like to smoke some right now?"
Dude #b - "You know what? I think I do!"

A musical montage with very hippie music ensues. Both men run to the woods and lay out a tie-dyed blanket and begin to share a joint. Later you see them both ferociously jamming Twinkies in their mouths as they laugh hysterically. Later you see them on a "freak out" blowing bubbles and opening people's minds. Later still you see them crying in each other's arms. Later still you see them sleeping in the spoon position while Dude 1 strokes Dude #b's hair. The music fades out and you see them both return to the office building and once again take their seats. The paper shuffling and watch checking continues until Dude 1 is called into the office for his interview.

Dude #b - "Good luck!"
Dude 1 - "Thanks ... same to you."

Dude 1 goes into the office and shuts the door. The camera stays in on a tight shot of the door as the conversation on the other side is heard.

Employer - "Do you have any questions before we begin?"
Dude 1 - "Actually I do ... Um ... well ... do you smoke marijuana?"

Fade to black as hippie music plays again. Fade in on a picture of Dude 1 and employer having a freak out. Roll Credits Biatch!