"I Remember When You Were Normal"

(A male is sitting in a room, tearing pieces of paper from a notebook, crumpling them up, shoving them in his mouth, and chewing them up. Another male walks in on him. When the first male notices the other male watching him, he stops.)

Male #1: "It's not what it looks like. Math."

Male #2: "You're weird...?" (He says this in an almost question-like form.)

Male #1: "I'm weird....?"

Male #2: "Man, I remember when you were normal."

Male #1: "Me too...me too..." (The camera zooms in on his face, does a weird smokey fade-out thing to indicate a recollection/remembrance sequence coming on, and zooms out on his face in the sequence.)


[The recollection of when Male #1 was normal:]

(Male #1 is sitting at a table. He has paper, envelopes, and stamps on the table.)

Male #1: "I'm normal. I'm sitting at a table."

(Male #2 is standing away at a slight distance, watching, studying, observing. He has his arms crossed and seems to approve of Male #1.)

Male #2: "Yeah."

(Male #1 starts scribbling on a piece of paper.)

Male #1: "I'm normal, I'm writing a letter."

Male #2: "Yeah you are." (Smiles.)

(Male #1 folds the piece of paper nine times and puts it in an envelope.)

Male #1: "I'm normal, I'm putting stuff in envelopessss."

Male #2: "Definitely."

(Male #1 takes a drink of cherry Kool-Aid and licks the envelope shut.)

Male #1: "I'm normal, I lick envelopes."

Male #2: "Without a doubt."

(Male #1 puts a stamp on the envelope.)

Male #1: "I'm normal, I'm putting stamps on my envelopes!"

Male #2: "Oh, yeah, you're totally normal."

(Male #1 gets up.)

Male #1: "I'm normal, I'm going to send out mail."

Male #2: "You for sure are normal, but don't forget to put an address on that."

Male #1: (Looks down, understands, becomes sad.) "Oh, I'm so normal, I forgot something. I'm normal, I forget things."

Male #2: "Yes, that is a trait of normal people, since you exhibit that trait, you are normal."

Male #1: "Thank you."

Male #2: "No problem."

Male #1: "I'm going to send this out now."

Male #2: "Put an address on it first."

Male #1: "Aw, shucks! I forgot again! I'm so dumb...so dumb and normal."

(Male #1 scribbles on the outside of the envelope.)

[One to three days later.]

Male #1: "I'm normal, I got something in the mail!"

Male #2: "You're super normal."

(Male #1 opens up the envelope.)

Male #1: "I'm normal, I got a folded piece of paper with scribbling on it."

Male #2: "You're very, very normal." (Smiles.)

Male #1: (Smiles.)


(The recollection ends, and the shot fades back to the original part of the skit.)

Male #2: "Things were so much better back then, back when you were normal."

Male #1: "Yeah, they truly were." (Frowns.)

Male #2: (Frowns.)


[An alternative would be to have Male #1 do several different normal things and activities, while Male #2 still assures him he's normal.]