History Freak

(Two guys are coming home for the night. They walk into a basement, where they decide to hang out for a while.)

Male #1: (turns television on) So, dude, is this what we are going to do for the rest of the night?

Male #2: That's cool, I guess.

Male #1: (Flips over history channel)

Male #2: Hold on a minute, go back dude.
(Flips back) (A Special about Attila the Hun is just ending)

That guy was fucking amazing, man, he did more in one lifetime than any civilization ever has.

Male #1: Oh yea, why's that?

Male #2: Are you fucking kidding me, you don't know anything about Attila? Well, it all started in about 400 A.D. when he was just a young kid.

(Fade out)
(Fade in)

Male #1: So Bleda was Attila's brother, not his cousin?

Male #2: Right, right. Even though Bleda was raised by Attila's uncle.

(Fade out)
(Fade in)

(Male #1 has now laid down on a couch, while Male #2 is sitting straight up in a wooden chair, backwards)

Male #2: With Ruruh out of the way, that left the Hunnic crowd to Bleda, but Attilla wasn't about to let his brother and biggest competitor take the throne like that.

Male #1: (Drowsy) Oh, really? That's cool, man.

Male #2: Yeah, man, at least without a fight.

(Fade out)
(Fade in)

Male #1: Well, its like 6, I think I'm going to go up to my bed.

Male #2: (upset) Awe, dude, already? I was just getting to the good part here.

Male #1: Yeah I'm fuckin' tired, dude.

Male #2: Alright then, you're missing out though.

Male #1: Tell me tomorrow.

Male #2: G'night.


Male #2 Finishes story to himself in the basement, so that he can sleep soundly, then falls asleep smiling, curled up in a ball with a blanket.


5 minutes later, Male #2 walks upstairs into male #1's bedroom, shakes him, and finishes the story in Male #1's bed without missing a beat.