George W. Bush

(A man and a little boy are in a living room. Nothing sexual is going on between them. They are a father and a son.)

The father is staring at the tv or in that general direction, slouched down in his La-Z-Boy. He has an expressionless / emotionless look on his face. He almost appears to be staring right through the tv and not actually at it. The son looks sick and he is just staring off into the distance as well.

The boy starts rubbing his stomach and walks up to his father. The boy is probably seven years old, or somewhere around there. He has a malnutritioned-looking face.

Boy (in a whiney voice): "Dad, can I please have just one thing to eat? I'm starving!"

(I don't know if a seven year old would talk like that. Probably not.)

Father (shakes his head very slowly, and in a montone/tired/dull/slow voice says): "Not while George W. Bush is president...not while George W. Bush is president."