(A male and a female are walking along a beach. The wind is blowing.)

Male: "Things just weren't working out the way I'd hoped."

Female: "What do you mean...why not?" (frantic)

Male: "Well, we fight all the time, you've been lying to me, amongst other things..."

Female: "I'm sorry, I've been stupid!"

Male: "I just feel that our relationship has plateaued and your attitude towards me has changed...and not for the better."

(Time passes, the female is sad, holding her head in her hands and covering face. The male is staring out at the lake.)

Male: "Plus, you're conservative, and I'm just know?"

Female: "I am not conservative, why would you say that?"

Male: "C'mon, don't get in denial now. It's not the time to. Things are already pretty bad here."

(The male looks up and stares into the distance.)

(The female puts her head back in her hands, crying.)