(A middle-aged man and a young child are sitting at a table, eating. It's your typical Toxic Green skit set-up. By typical, I mean classic.)

(The young boy grabs a piece of candy from a bowl in the middle of the table. It is a Laffy Taffy. He eats the Laffy Taffy and looks at the wrapper. He looks at the middle-aged man. We, the audience, assume it's his dad. We could be wrong.)

Little Boy: "Daddy, wanna hear a joke?!"

Maybe His Dad: "Sure, son!"

Little Boy: "What did the plate say to the other plate?"

Possibly His Dad: "Ummmm....I don't know...what did the plate say to the other plate?"

Little Boy: "Lunch is on me!"

Alleged Father Figure: "Ahaha! That's a good one, that's a good one! Read the other one! Come on!" (really into it)

Little Boy: "O-kay. Why did the boy stare at the orange juice bottle?"

Father or Not Father: "Oh, God..."

Little Boy: "Because it said 'concentrate'!"

(No sound of laughter comes from this could-be father. The boy looks over at him, and the mood on the father or whoever's face turns into utter revolt and disgust.)

Father?: "What! That's not funny! Is that funny to you?!? Huh?!? 'Cos it's not! That's not funny! Do you even know how orange juice made from concentrate is made? Did you even research that joke? Huh, asshole? Is that funny?! Tell me, is that funny to you? A joke about the cheap kind of orange juice? You're sick. You make me sick. I thought I raised you to have a better sense of humor than that. Looks like I have a lot of work to do before you turn 18 and leave the house and start banging every chick you see..."