"Comfort of Your Own Home"

(A guy comes home from somewhere. He drops the mail on the counter and walks away, but he catches a glimpse of one of the pieces of mail out of the corner of his eye, and walks backwards a few steps back to the counter. He picks up a catalog and looks at it. He nods his head several times.)

Guy: "Yeah, I like this. Yeah! Comfort of my home...yeah!"

(The guy walks to computer, slowly takes off the many articles of clothing he is wearing as he stares at the computer screen. This includes shoes, socks, jacket, tie, shirt, undershirt, belts, pants, wristband, and his jewelry one by one. He looks around, nods and smiles.)

"Comfort of my own home."

(He nods, at peace with the world, and pulls out the computer chair and seats himself naked at the computer.)