The Cannibal Butcher

Kid: This meat is so nice and tender. I can't wait to take some home for my family. Ever since my dad died my mom hasn't been able to find a job or any food for us kids.

Butcher: Well you earned it buddy, thanks for all the help today.

(A creepy man in a trench coat walks in holding a cat.)

Man: Hey, got any dark aborted fetus meat?

Butcher: (disgusted) Uhhh what is wrong with you? We only have that in January.

Man: Alright well ahhhh (whispers) how much for the ---

Butcher: (laughs)

Man: Oh I'm quite serious.

Butcher: I'd say about $12.99 a pound.

Man: That's less than lobster. I'll take all 179 of them, meat me out back in 4 pun intended. (laughs)

Butcher: (laughs)

Kid: (laughs) What's so funny?

Butcher: (faces kid for 10 seconds then faces man) I'm a butcher I'll be there in 3.