Brokeback WHAT?!?

Three guys are hanging out at one of the guy's apartment.

There is an Amazon box on the ground. One of the guys picks it up and looks through it.

"Dude, why did you buy three copies of Brokeback Mountain Two-Disc Special Edition?"

Quick zoom in on the owner of the apartment and Brokeback DVD's face. He appears to be very nervous.

(Voiceover of his thoughts) "Think, Chase, think!"

" I could play it on every tv in my apartment so that wherever I go it will be playing..."

His friends seem to think nothing of that answer and don't make fun of him.

Cut to the owner leaning on a wall with one arm, panting and saying "phew..that was close" like that wasn't the real reason he owns the DVD's, even though it couldn't be much gayer than that.