Black Boyfriend

(Two guys are walking through the food court of a mall. They see a couple, consisting of a white female and a black male. The female appears to be purchasing lunch for both of them while the black male is groping the white female's bosom and rear end.)

Male #1: "Look at that shit" (muffled)

A few seconds later...

Male #2: (grinning coyly) "I wanna black boyfriend. I mean, c'mon up your guys are the way to go plus they have huge fuckin' cocks. By far the biggest"

Male #1: (squints) "Shuuut up, faggot"

Male #2: "No, seriously man...white guys are good for nothin - nothin' at all ---"

Male #1: "What the fuck are you talking about you fag, you're white"

Male #2: "You didn't let me finish my sentence. White guys are good for nothing at all except for black guys to fuck - FUCK HARD"

Male #1: "Fuck? Fuck you man" (grabs Male #2)

Male #2: (resisting) "What, haven't you ever had your shit pushed a black guy?"

Male #1: "First you go fag on me, now you are a nigger-lover, too?"

Male #2: "Can't ignore the prospects. Prospects, prospects, prospects..."

Male #1: "Prospects..." (sighs) "Yeah. I guess you're right, you can't. I wanna black boyfriend, too."

Male #2: "Yeah, want to go to like, the basketball courts, or a club or somethin?"

Male #1: "Sure, yeah, sounds good. Or commit a hate crime on a nigger in order to go to prison to get fucked by one...fucked hard" (nudges elbows)