Billiam's Dog (A Billiam Buckingham Skit)

This skit has one of the recurring characters in the show, Billiam Buckingham (formerly known as Billiam Furby), played by Jake Rentmeester.

(Billam and another man are standing around somewhere. The man glances over at the back of Billiam's black shirt and notices there is a lot of hair on it.)

Male #1: "You got a bunch of hair all over your shirt. Holy shit."

Billiam: "Yeah, chief. I got a dog."

Male #1: "Yeah, I know you have a dog...remember, I've seen it."

Billiam: "Ya ever fucked it?"

Male #1: "What?!?"

Billiam: "Ya seem to be so familiar with it...have you ever fucked my dog?"

Male #1: "That's absurd! Of course not!...Well, once...but we were both really churched."