Billiam Golfing (A Billiam Buckingham Skit)

This is one of the skits involving a character named Billiam Buckingham or som-ting.

(The setup is there is a man on a golf course with his MEXICAN caddy.)

Billiam (about to put, cell phone rings)
"Jesus FUCKING Christ." (Throws club) "Go get that, Miguel."
(answers phone)
"Yeah? Oh, Jesus-fucking-God! I'm trying to golf, you know that, woman, you know that! No I can't run to the bank afterwards are you fucking kidding me is this a fucking joke?! Listen-go do some dishes or something. I'm trying to fucking relax. Go do the laundry bitch I'm trying to fucking golf! You have nothing to do?'re in the mood? Listen-I'll let you suck me off when I get home, just let me motherfucking golf you bitch! You're just like your mom--a nagging bitchy fucking whore! What? I know she's dead...that doesn't change the fact that she was a fucking bitch! I'll talk to you later will you let me have a relaxing day GODDAMN GOLFING woman?! Listen-I'll choke the living life out out of you if you don't shut the fuck up for once." (hangs up phone)(throws phone as far as he can high in the air) "Go get that, Pedro."

Mexican caddy
"Having a fight with the wife, Billiam?"

"No, Carlos, she's just a fucking megabitch."

(Throughout the whole skit Billiam is just chewing his gum calmly. It wasn't a mistake that he keeps calling his mexican caddy different typical mexican names.)