Be Reasonable

[Two friends are walking through school, one (Edwin) is talking / ranting, the other (Alfred) is laughing.]

Edwin: "I mean, come on, there's no need to dress in all black. I mean, what, are people not gonna notice you?"

Alfred: "Ahaha."

Edwin: "Do they think people won't see them and then won't 'label' them?"

Alfred: "Ahaha, I know, right?"

Edwin: "I mean, you're not invisible in all black. If anything, they stand out."

Alfred: "Ha. Yeah, definitely."

Edwin: "I mean, hell, if you're gonna be different, don't be goth, be emo or punk or something..."

Alfred: (Stops.) "What did you just say?!?" (Grabs Edwin's ear and pulls it close to his face. He starts yelling in his ear.) "Did you just say the words 'be emo'? You know what, I'm gonna hurt you. I'm gonna hurt you bad. You're gonna be in a wheelchair for weeks. That's it."

[There is an exterior shot of the outside of school. A side door slams open, and out comes Alfred dragging Edwin by the ear. He drags him by the ear to his car in the parking lot, throws him in the passenger seat, wraps some rope around him to keep him in the seat, and drives to his house. He parks in the driveway, gets out, opens up the passenger door, slaps Edwin, unties him, pulls open the garage door, and throws Edwin into the garage. Alfred looks around outside to see if anyone's watching, then goes in the garage and pulls the garage door closed. Cut to shot inside of garage. Alfred throws Edwin onto an old wooden chair, ties him up tightly with rope, and threatens, beats, and tortures Edwin. Edwin is scared out of his whits and sweating profusely.]

Edwin: "Please, be reasonable, I wasn't saying anyone should be emo."

Alfred: "Be reasonable? Reasonable?" (Pulls out a dictionary. It is spraypainted green and the words 'Toxic Green Dictionary' are written on it.) "That's not in my dictionary. You're making up words."

[Alas, 'reasonable' is not in the Toxic Green Dictionary, if one existed.]

Edwin: "I was just trying to make a point that people shouldn't be goth. I take the 'emo' thing back. Let me rephrase it."

Alfred: "That won't be necessary. You can never take emo back. Unfortunately, and sadly, your time on this world is up."

[Alfred kills Edwin after some more brutal torture.]