Awkward Goodbyes

Doctor: "Well, everything is looking good. Stay healthy."

Patient: "I will...oh, is the appointment over?"

Doctor: "Well, I am done checking you out, I mean check-up, I mean checking you, I"

Patient: (solemnly) "I understand."

There is a long awkward silence. They look at each other, then look away, then repeat.

Doctor: "Um..."

Patient: "Well..."

Doctor: "What..."

Patient: "I didn't say anything."

Doctor: "I know."

Patient: "Oh."

Doctor: "Hmm?..."

Patient: "Nothing."

Doctor: "Ah."

Patient: "Yep."

Doctor: "Well...I should probably do some doctor-like things."

Patient: "Yeah, probably."

Doctor: "I know."

Patient: "Well, um, should I - "

Doctor: "Maybe."

Patient: "Like, call?"

Doctor: "Me?"

Patient: "Um, sure, yeah, you, uh, yeah, I'll call you sometime."

Doctor: "Yeah, yeah, I' that...that would be fine."