Teacher: "Does anyone have any comments on this?"

Student #1: "Jeez, teachers ask too many questions...I mean they're teachers for fuck's sake, they shouldn't be asking the questions and have us answering them. It should be the other way around." (to himself)

(Student #2 raises his hand.)

Student #2: "Well I think we'd all be more prosperous, thriving, wealthy, and happy if Asia, you know...didn't exist anymore."

Teacher: "Very good, Willy. You recieve an A."

Student #2/Willy: "That's right, bitchhh." (high-fives himself)

Teacher: "Does anyone else think we should bomb or poison Asia or get rid of it in some way, for our own benefit?"

(Everyone except one student raises their hand.)

Teacher: "Good, excellent, yessss. You all get A's. Now who didn't raise their hand?"

(Student #3 raises his hand slowly and sligthly.)

Teacher: "Nice and high please."

(Student #3 reluctantly raises his hand nice and high.)

Teacher: "Pffft. Are you high? C'mon. No one needs Asia. Are you scared they'd fight back, ya lib'ral? They'd be dead."

Student #3: "Well I think it's just crazy. It doesn't make sense."

Teacher: "You know what's crazy? You risking that nice little 4.0 GPA of yours on a silly little matter like this. No need to be stubborn and risk getting an 'F' because of your outrageous liberal views. You're on thin ice here. I suggest you rethink your views on Asia here."

Student #3: "Well, c'mon, I never said I was liberal. I just don't see why doing something as drastic as killing Asia or whatever is going to accomplish anything."

Teacher: "Stupid closeminded lib. F."

(The teacher marks down an F for Student #3. Student #3's perfect Grade Point Average (GPA) is ruined. Student #3 is not accepted into any colleges, does not get a job, starts doing meth, and dies.)