AOL Instant Messenger

(Two guys live in a dorm room together, but they're not gay. One guy is trying to sleep. He has some tests/exams very early tomorrow morning. Although by the time you read this, it'll be like this morning or yesterday morning or whatever.)

Want-to-sleep Guy: "Dude, can you turn the lights off, I can't fall asleep and I really need to get some sleep."

Computer Guy: "Oh, for exams! I took a test once!"

Want-to-sleep Guy: "Okay, great."

Computer Guy: "It was!"

Want-to-sleep Guy: "Turn the lights off, dude."

Computer Guy: "I need them on! I need to see what I'm doing...which is important school work! Important school, business, important type work!"

(Computer Guy is clearly not doing anything important. He is on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), listening to music, and on some dumb forums (forums are dumb). He is reluctant.)

Computer Guy: "Hooh! Fine! God! You piss me off sometimes!"

Want-to-sleep Guy: "Whatever, dude."

Computer Guy: "Yeah, 'whatever'."

(Computer Guy turns the speakers all the way up and proceeds to message a ton of people on AIM to make the trademark AIM sound. Needless to say, it's annoying.)

Want-to-sleep Guy: "What the fuck, dude! Turn that down!"

Computer Guy: "No, man! I'm having the time of my life! Whoo! I've never felt so alive!"

(Computer Guy also buys and gets for free some of the other sounds you can get, some are blatantly silly or really dumb, like cats meowing or horns honking, and Computer Guy laughs every time he sends as a message at the sound that plays as if he genuinely thinks it's funny. We see Want-to-sleep Guy almost crying and not being able to sleep. Cut to shot of Want-to-sleep Guy in the morning, his eyes are wide open, a few seconds later, his alarm goes off. Computer Guy is still typing and chewing gum and smiling and really happy, Want-to-sleep Guy looks absolutely miserable and dead tired. We then see Want-to-sleep Guy getting his results back and he starts crying when he sees he got an F on his tests. Fade out!)