An Anorexic Bulimic

(A house party is happening. Three people are in a bedroom, two girls and one boy.)

Girl #1: "God, you're so skinny! I'm jealous!"

Boy #1: "Yeah! How do you get so skinny?!?"

Girl #2: "I throw up after every meal..." (serious)

Boy #1: "Oh, that's tiggght! I love anorexic girls!" (blows party horns and pulls party poppers and throws confetti in the air) "Anorexia! Anorexia's awesome! Anorexia nervosa! (jumps on Girl #2, hurting her in the process) Yay! Yes! America! America's #1! Anorexia's #1! Don't you just loveeee America?!?"

Girl #1: "I'll leave you too alone!" (exits)

Girl #2: "I'm bulimic, not anorexic!"

Boy #1: "Hell yeah! Bulimia rocks! I frickin' love bulimic girls! I love 'em so much!" (starts throwing balloons in the air and waving gigantic American flags) "Bulimia's the best! America's the best! Yay, bulimia!" (jumps on Girl #2 again, in a violent/just plain excited manner) Let's hear it for bulimia nervosa! Three cheers for America, and bulimia! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!"