Animal Abuse 2: Child Abuse

(A father is sitting at the dinner table. His face suddenly becomes angry quickly. He clears his plate and cup/glass off the table. He takes his glasses off.)


(The shot goes across the table to a plastic doll propped up on a chair. The baby doll doesn't say anything.)


(The father grabs the doll toddler and chokes the living life out of it.)


(The father gets in a minivan. He puts the infant doll in a baby seat in shotgun, which totally isn't what you should do, you should totally have babies in the backseat. He arrives at a school He smashes the play baby on a staircase railing on the edge/corner of the top step/stair. He throws the unliving baby down the stairs. He runs over the manufactured baby with his car.

FATHER: "Do you take it back? Huh? Do you take it back now that I'm running you over?"

(The camera zooms in on the fake baby's face. He/it doesn't say anything.)

(The father puts the artificial baby in a stroller and pushes it down a huge staircase. Other abuse in various areas of the school ensues. There is a far-away shot of the school. The door flies open. The father throws the false baby as far as he can.)

(The same doctor from Animal Abuse runs into the shot and cradles the replica baby. He puts his stethoscope on the toy baby's heart. At first, his face is worried/anxious/scared, but then he listens for a few seconds and his face lights up with delight. He gives his diagnosis.)

DOCTOR: "It's not injured, it's just dead!"

FATHER: "Thank you, Father."

DOCTOR: "I'm a doctor."

FATHER: "So am I, doc, so am I."