9/11 Party

(A guy is sitting at a table, going through mail. There is a garbage next to him.)

Male #1: "Junk mail. Junk mail. Junk mail." (He throws out all of the mail.)

Male #2: "But there were bills in that stack!"

Male #1: "Shut up! Shut up. I hate you."

Male #2: (Sulks away.)

Male #1: (Searches through garbage.) "Ooooh...porn." (Opens up envelope.) "Hey, honey, look..."

Male #2: (Reappears.) "What is it, sweety?"

Male #1: "We've been invited to a 9/11 party! This is just what we need!"

Male #2: "That's just what we need, baby!"

Male #1: "That's what I just said!...Bitch!"

(A little more than three years later...)

(Loud music, either techno or hardcore rap, is blaring through the speakers at the 9/11 party.)

Host: "So, you guys havin' fun?!?"

Guest #1: "Yes, yes, too much fun! Ahahaha."

(Heavy laughter.)

Guest #2: "I'm really smashed. Ahahaha."

(Heavy laughter.)

Guest #3: "I almost feel like I'm going to die."

(Heavy laughter.)

Guest #3: "No, seriously. That wasn't a joke. Don't laugh. I wasn't kidding. Shut up."

Guest #4: "Hey, I was wondering why you're having a 9/11 party. I mean, isn't it kind of insensitive."

(Everyone is quiet after this daring, bold question is asked.)

Host: "2986. Two thousand, nine hundred, and eighty-six people. 2986 people had to die for you to be here tonight, do you know that, asshole? Are you having fun? Are you having a good time?"

Guest #4: "I guess."

Host: "You piece of shit. Almost 3000 people died on 9/11, and you're having fun?! How dare you. You are a horrible human being, absolutely horrible. Do you think they would've chose to die, so that you could have a good time and get trashed? Huh? You think they would've spared their lives so you could have a great time at this party? No, they woul-"

Guest #4: "-Well, I never said I was having a great time..."

Host: "Yes, you did. You said 'I'm having a great time.' And frankly, we all are. We're all having a great time."

(Convinced that they're having a great time, but slightly irritated that tons of people had to die for them to have said great time, the party continues.)