2 to 4 Weeks

In a classroom, two boys are sitting next to each other during a lecture / note-taking session.

The first boy, named Lew, is sitting up with a pen and notebook but not taking notes.

He looks over at the second boy, Chadwick, who is slouched in his chair, tired and not taking notes.

He then looks straight ahead, then back at Chadwick.

He bursts out in a whisper "Hey!"

Chadwick looks over at Lew slowly.

Lew loudly whispers, "Wouldn't it be funny if..." He stops and looks around. He continues, "...if I was like dying of cancer and I only had two to four weeks to live?" Lew stops talking and look's directly in Chadwick's eyes with a half-smile on his face.

Chadwick, kind of out of it, looks over at Lew, looks back at the front of the classroom, half-smiling, says "yeah", and looks back up front. Chadwick is kind of weirded-out but expects this sort of thing from Lew. Lew is normally saying weird things, but never this extreme.

It is no joke, though, as Lew dies two to four weeks later.

It is funny, just as Chadwick agreed it would be.